Based on our areas of expertise we offer the following range of services; always with the combination of the best of our skills:
Consultancy, Creativity and Technology.

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Experts in Sales Enablement
sales enablement

Create value in every customer interaction

Since sales enablement’s big breakout in 2017, it has become a stable discipline in many sales organizations and created a tangible impact on business results.

  • Increase win rates for forecast deals
  • Increase new account acquisition
  • Increase available selling time
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce sales cycle length
  • Increase average deal size
  • Better marketing and communication materials
  • A focused company: a customer-centric company
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Experts in Brand Strategies

Empowering Brands

In Wenable we work on brand strategy, identity, activation and management to connect with your potential customers and achieve a positive impact on them.

  • Brand strategies: We identify insights and give the brand a purpose, story and positioning. We define a platform and a narrative that guides all actions, behaviours and company communications.
  • Brand identity: We create or re-define the brand global expression: naming and corporate identity, tone, verbal and visual style.
  • Brand activation: We plan and execute global projects that allow us to build an aligned experience with the brand positioning throughout the whole customer journey.
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Experts in Data and Technology

An interconnected ecosystem

Automating business processes and connecting all workflows drives growth and improves efficiency. With the entire ecosystem connected, the level of detail of each and every gear is revealed and leaves a trail of data that tells us about customer behavior and process efficiency.
This data allows us to determine how to proceed from the knowledge of our current state and, in turn, serves to discover new paths where to direct investments knowing that they will be more profitable. Data empowers management teams in terms of decision making.

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We are digital strategy and sales enablement specialists
We are technology developers and data scientists
We are creative directors and brand strategists
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